The head of the department of the Institute of Caucasus Studies has been elected a member of the editorial board of the journal published in the United States

Elnur Kalbizadeh, Head of the Department of the Institute of Caucasus Studies of ANAS, PhD in History, was elected a member of the editorial board of the “Journal of Political Sciences and International Relations” published in the United States. On August 24, a letter of confirmation and a certificate of admission to the editorial board were sent to the young scientist, who provided relevant information in accordance with the invitation from the journal, information about was added to the journal's website.
The Journal of Political Science and International Relations (JPSIR) publishes original research papers on the latest developments in political science. The journal accepts articles on comparative politics, international relations, political theory, public administration, public policy and political methodology.
Currently, the editorial staff of the journal has 74 members, including USA, UK, China, Russia, Germany, South Korea, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Australia, Malaysia, India, UAE, Mexico, Brazil and other countries. The journal is indexed in databases such as Academic Resource Index, Eurasian Scientific Journal Index and CrossRef.
It should be noted that the young researcher is currently working on a doctoral dissertation in political sciences with the scientific supervision of corresponding member of ANAS, Professor Musa Gasimli. He is a member of the Coordinating Council of Republican Scientific Research on International Relations and the Editorial Board of the scientific journal “Young Researcher” of ANAS (2019), reviewer of the Eurasian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (2020).

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