Republican scientific conference on "Terror in the Caucasus" was held

On November 28, a republican scientific conference “Terror in the Caucasus” was held at the Central Scientific Library of ANAS with the organizational support of the Institute of Caucasus Studies. The event began with the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Opening the conference, the director of the Institute of Caucasus Studies, corresponding member of ANAS Musa Gasimli spoke about the importance of a scientific conference on terror in the Caucasus. He said that the Caucasus is a region with a delicate political situation, which is in the center of attention and interests of many countries of the world. The Caucasus is also full of terror, threats and risks.It is necessary to continue an in-depth study of these problems and a constant study of events in the region.This is due to the fact that the restoration of peace and stability in the Caucasus can greatly contribute to peace and stability in the region and in the international arena. Musa Gasimli also gave information about the work done in this area in the scientific institution he leads for a short period of time. He noted that scientists conducted research on the geopolitics of the Caucasus region, events in the countries of the region, socio-political and economic processes, relations between these countries, and terrorism. The director of the institute emphasized that the independent Azerbaijani state is taking serious steps to establish peace, stability and multiculturalism in the Caucasus.The North-South transport corridor project initiated by President Ilham Aliyev also serves to deepen this policy.  Academician-Secretary of the Department of Social Sciences of ANAS, academician Nargiz Akhundova said that terrorism in the Caucasus deeply affects the world community. Terrorism in the Caucasus has a long history. Today, terrorism in the Caucasus is more relevant for Azerbaijan, as we have repeatedly encountered Armenian terrorism.The Caucasus also plays an important role in the strategic map of the world. The region plays an important role in maintaining balance in the world. There are also some problems in the region that are also associated with various historical factors. The aim of the conference is to study these problems and find joint ways. Professor Musa Gasimli made presentation on “Terrorism of Armenian political and terrorist organizations in the South Caucasus in 1903-1904 against representatives of government bodies of Tsarist Russia which were Russian and Georgian origin (based on materials from Russian archives).”The conference discussed the processes taking place in the Caucasus region, the geopolitical situation in the South Caucasus, the geopolitical claims of the Armenians and other issues.


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