3rd International Forum of the Caucasus Studies Scholars



                                       Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences


Institute of the Caucasus Studies


3rd International Forum of the Caucasus Studies Scholars

June, 2022


Conference topics:

  • The Patriotic War and new realities in the Caucasus;
  • Socio-political processes occuring in the Caucasus region; 
  • Conflicts in the Caucasus; 
  • Caucasus policy of great and neighbor powers;
  • Caucasus states in the system of multilateral cooperation;
  • Interrelation of civilizations and cultures in the Caucasus;


Preparation and submitting texts of article:

  •  should be arranged in Microsoft Word Office, size  A4 (210 x 297mm) with length 5-7 pages, Times New Roman – 12 point font size, Line spacing 1, margins- up and down 25mm, left and right 20mm and indents 1.15 mm
  •  Author’s name, surname, scientific degree, position, the name of institute, email address and contact number should be written at the top of title page in the right corner with 12 point font size and capitalized;
  • After  the author’s name and surname, the title of the report should be written with 12 font size and capitalized at the centre of the page;
  • Should be given keywords (maximum 5 words) in Azerbaijani, English and Russian;
  • At the end of the report should be given short summaries (in Azerbaijani, English and Russian) with the title of article;  
  • References should be titled as “The Reference list ” given in alphabetical order with general number of pages and should be encoded in the document.
  • Given pictures, tables and charts should be separately numbered with brief explanations;
  • In case of using Power Point please inform in advance.

Acceptance deadline for articles is April 10 

Articles not related to thematic areas of the conference and to the rules of preparation will not be accepted.

The forum will be held at the Central Library of Science ANAS.

Additional information on the exact date of the Forum will be provided.


Organization Committee:  Institute of the Caucasus Studies of ANAS, Baku, H. Javid Ave., 117,

 4th floor, room №448. Phone: +994 12 539 89 91. 


                                                           Further information at  www.caucasusstudies.az     

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